Friday, July 18, 2008

Visceral Manipulation.

Our bodies will do everything they can to protect the integrity and healthy function of our organs. We NEED to have a liver, lungs, heart, stomach et al. that works, and ideally, works well. If, during our day to day lives, something happens to our guts, whether it be stress, a blow or bad food, our bodies will sacrifice the integrity of our muscular-skeletal system in order to protect our way-ward organs.

Even if you have the smallest of adhesions on or around your stomach, there is a good chance that your shoulder might feel stiff, or your neck super tight. Why? Your body is recruiting other structures in your body to protect your stomach. Lo and behold, if the adhesions are removed, your shoulder pain will begin to diminish.

I use the following protocols and techniques to get the job done...

Functional Methods: Or Tricks of the Trade.

General and Local Listening.

General Listening. At the beginning of each session, you will find me gently touching the top of your head. If I leave my hand there for just a moment, your body will "break" at a particular or general spot. Sometimes the shoulder will fold forward, or your hip will sway to the left or right.

Local Listening. Once I have found this "break," I place my hand gently near the area where your body shifted. Here is the absolute kicker. My hand will be drawn to the precise area that needs to be worked on first. It feels as if there is a magnetic pull upon my hand. Once I know where to start, I have a variety of rich techniques to chose from.

First Barrier.

With "First Barrier" I take the tissue and move it either where it wants to go easily, or I take it where it doesn't want to go. Either way, once I have decided on a direction, the tissue will begin begins to move! A dance of sorts begins to follow. Sometimes I follow the tissue into a new pattern, or I pull it back as it goes into it's old pattern. Within a few moments, the area quiets down. Voila, health is restored!


OK, hands down, this is where Visceral Manipulation is just plain fun.

Each organ in your body has an intrinsic movement of its own that has been with you since you were a wee one in your mothers womb. It follows the same pattern of its embryological development. Many times this rhythm will get thrown off course. Stress, emotional exhaustion, food allergies, toxins etc can affect the organs natural rhythm, or motility. If the motility of an organ is altered, your overall structure will suffer as a result.

What I can do, is tap into this swaying movement and help get it back on track. I will actually take it deeper into it's dysfunctional pattern. This is called, "Induction.

When I do this, the organ will "ricochet" back into a healthier pattern. It's a slower dance, but it is deeply appreciated by your body.

In Conclusion

What this work is showing me is what I already knew, that the body truly has the intelligence, wisdom and history to find balance and health once again. My job is to LISTEN. That, and help coax your body back to where it yearns to be, at peace with it's own self.